Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing Capabilities

Social Media Marketing (SMM) or Social Media Paid Ads can help you reach your target audience with a personal touch. Not only B2C but even B2B companies leverage Social Media to create buzz and boost their discovery. There are high chances that your target audience is already interacting with brands on social media platforms, mainly through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. At Publicity Port, our re-sellable Social Media Marketing (SMM) service help you engage with your audience and ultimately acquire new customers.


Facebook Ads

Facebook offers the most targeted form of advertising, allowing you to reach your exact audience. At Publicity Port, our Facebook Ad experts choose the best campaign type for your business for best results.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads can be created and managed from the Facebook Ads manager. At Publicity Port, our Instagram Ad experts can ensure your ads serve to the right audience and get the best results.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads offers targeted ads solution helping you with Brand Building, Increasing Followers, and Engaging Audience. Publicity Port can help you target Influencers and drive Leads with targeted InMails, Text, Image, and Video Ads.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads offer a cost-effective solution to all type of companies and help them reach a wider audience. At Publicity Port, our Twitter Ads experts can help you with promoted tweets, accounts, and trends.